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Re: [] Status at WTP M6 and Europa Ramp down

FWIW, based on the Europa wiki page, I think only the Platform and
Corona have jar signing sorted out.  A few others had packing done
circa M4, but they haven't copied that information from the M4[1] page
to the current page[2], so I don't know for sure what parts of the
packing/optimizing/digesting they've done (which was part of the
motivation behind my adding the new column and splitting it into the 4
codes - the other part was to see who had solved this problem and from
whom I could grok code). ;-)




On 4/9/07, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just to keep everyone informed, we in WTP didn't quite make all our
objectives for M6.
(did anyone? :)

We still have some bundles that need to have the Execution Environment
spec'd, we still need to move to
some orbit bundles, and are still not signing our bundles!

Plus, there are some cases where we did not get "feature complete" as we'd
We've documented our exceptions (and our exception process) on our ramp down

We are relatively sure this won't effect any other Europa projects directly,
nor our end goals,
but if questions or concerns, feel free to ask on our dev list


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