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[] Europa Update Manager unusably slow

I just tried Europa today.  On my 1.3ghz laptop, the Search Results dialog is unusably slow.  As-in, expanding the "testing" tree takes minutes on my laptop.  I got fed-up timing this and started writing this email so I don't know exactly how many minutes.  However, expanding "Charting and Reporting" took over 30 seconds.  Expanding "Java Development" took 58 seconds.

It doesn't seem like we should ship with the #1 critical feature that we use to install all of our features so broken?

I know that Jeff has been wanting to do something about Update Manager for awhile and Ward is working on getting folks together to talk about it, but it looks to me like we at might need a stop-gap solution that will hold us over until we can deploy something more permanent.


Dave Orme

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