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[] Europa-o-matic run #2

I ran the Europa-o-matic again today so there's a new log:

Unfortunately, the JVM is crashing a lot now so builds that worked before have failed due to the JVM. I am now moving the build to the server with the IBM JVMs and hopefully they will be a lot more stable.

I will keep the list updated as more and more of the build starts to work. In the meantime, as of the during-the-day build, the following projects still have no features-{project}.xml files:
  • Corona
  • DLTK
  • ECF
  • MDT
  • Monkey
  • Mylar
  • STP
Some of you may have checked in a features-{project}.xml during the day, so stand by for the build that is happening tonight to see what has happened.

- Bjorn

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