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Re: [] Minutes from Friday's call abouttranslations

While "meant for Bjorn", that's never stopped me before :) so I'll give one answer.  

I think it's certainly not out of the question, but it will be up to the National Language Project to decide what, if anything, they would propose along these lines, if indeed such a project is formed.

We, as a planning council can recommend, be we can't do. Anyone with an interest in 'doing' should join the project, if indeed one is proposed.

Hope this helps,

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Re: [] Minutes from Friday's call        abouttranslations

This question was meant for Bjorn, but the questions remains, is a public, community driven translation site with committers an option?


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Subject: Re: [] Minutes from Friday's call abouttranslations

So using a system like ours is out of the question? They'd rather have nothing than a community driven one?


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Subject: [] Minutes from Friday's call abouttranslations

Planning Council,
Here are the results of our call on Friday regarding translating Europa and a translations project in general. Attending were: Rich Gronback, Jess Garms, Wenfeng Li, Patt Huff, David Williams, John Graham, Masoyuki Jwanaga, Doug Schaefer, Doug Gaff, Mike Milinkovich and at least one other person whose name I did not catch.

The advance goal of this call was that, having received the size estimates of the translation effort for the various projects over the previous week, we were going to report back on our conversations with our collective employers about whether they were willing to put resources into translating Europa and/or a translation project that will help the community translate Europa and future simultaneous releases.

This goal was only met in the negative: Doug and Doug stated that Wind River and QNX were not planning to provide resources to translate/a translations project. Doug Gaff said that he would ask around, but did not expect a positive reply. Everyone else (with three exceptions below) remained silent - unfortunately, silence implies the negative and thus everyone (with three exceptions below) has stated that their companies are not going to provide resources.

The three exceptions are: BEA, Actuate, and IBM. These three are having a conference call next week and will report back to this list. It remains uncertain at this time whether these three companies will volunteer the resources necessary to do either the translations or the translations project, but at least they are continuing the conversation. It was _very_ clear that none of these three was willing to do the work on their own - the question only remains whether they are willing to share the work without further help from other Eclipse members.

John Graham also suggested that someone might find a third-party company to do the work, get a bid, and then the EMO could ask around if the member companies are willing to co-fund the contract. We had no volunteers to do that initial "find a third-party company" step.

Mike explained that we should be very, very clear about the situation:

1.                 Non-English-speaking countries are the fastest areas of growth in Eclipse downloads.
2.                 Non-English-speaking countries already account for more than 35% of the downloads.
3.                 There will NOT BE any translations of Europa projects if we do not have a translations effort/project.
4.                 Someone needs to step up and lead this project or it's not going to happen. Period.

Notes taken and posted by Bjorn

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