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[] Translated Strings in OCL and EMFT-QTV


For my input into Friday's translation call, find enclosed the number of translatable strings in the MDT OCL and EMFT Query, Transaction, and Validation components that appeared in the Callisto release with an estimate of the delta for Europa.  The delta estimate includes new and changed strings.

Note that, although these projects weren't officially in the Callisto release, they were packaged with GMF's contribution.

Note also, that these components do not have any end-user documentation (only "extender" docs, which were not translated in Callisto).

                -- Callisto --  Delta    Europa Delta
Component       Strings  Words  Est.    Strings  Words

OCL             178      1219   15%     27       183
EMFT-QTV        318      1983   10%     32       199



Christian W. Damus
Component Lead, Eclipse
IBM Rational Software

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