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[] request for planning council agenda item

I’d like to suggest that we add a discussion topic to the upcoming Planning Council in January:


  • Testing framework for Eclipse projects – What interest is there among the projects for shared infrastructure to run their project-specific tests against (a subset of) the configurations supported by the Eclipse project (aka platform)? Today we have a situation where a combination of platform developers and 3rd parties (e.g., the BEA JRockit team) collectively certify the platform acceptance suite, but ignore all the other projects. The other projects typically do not have the time, money, or hardware resources to independently certify themselves against the platforms, and rely on a combination of developers using popular platforms and luck. WTP would certainly benefit from some shared resources and would be likely to spend some time running its tests on different configurations if there were hardware/OS setups available to do that. Is this a common interest? If so, how could we proceed on it (new project, hardware donations from member companies, requesting IT support from EMO, etc.)?


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