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Re: [] Callisto Winter Maintenance Release dates


Please have Joe Winchester added to the Planning Council mailing list as he is now officially leading Visual Editor Project.  For reference, his email address is: WINCHEST@xxxxxxxxxx

Best regards,

Dave Orme

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Subject: [] Callisto Winter Maintenance Release dates

Callisto People,
I have proposed a date (February 16th) for the Callisto Winter Maintenance Release. I've put that date its corresponding conference calls on the wiki page

Getting consensus on these dates is going to be hard without a face to face, so how about we use the following plan:
  • Silence or no reply means "I am happy with these dates"
  • If you would like a change to any of the dates (the release date or the calls or whatever), you will send email to the mailing list.
  • The discussion will remain open for a couple weeks: until November 3rd. If there is general happiness with these dates, we'll consider them "chosen".

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