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[] Callisto Fall Dot Release August 24 Conference Call Minutes

Attending: John Graham (DTP), Sri Doddapaneni (TPTP), Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Late: Wenfeng Li (BIRT), someone whose name I didn't catch (GEF, GMF)
Regrets: Rich Gronback
RSVPed but Did Not Attend: Doug Schaefer (CDT), Kevin Haaland (Platform), Tim Wager (WTP)

A short call wherein we:
  • Agreed to put our dot release bug list queries (or URLs to a static list) on the wiki page. BIRT, Platform, and WTP already have their lists up.
  • Bjorn will work with David to figure out who is going to run the scripts and build the update site and what the schedule should be, and then Bjorn will publish the results to the wiki and to this email list.
Next call: Thursday, September 7, 9am PT, noon ET
  • Brief call to check on progress

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