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[] Callisto / Planning Council raw notes from 2/17/2006 telecon


Kevin Haaland

David Williams

Doug Schaefer

Tim Wagner

Rich Gronback

John Graham

Wenfeng Li

David Orme



Doug Gaff




Status by Project:


·         Moved to near-M5 bits in prereqs this week; migration to tabbed property view and common nav framework going well. Tracking against Callisto requirements.


·         ICU4J migration was done, but several blocking bugs were encountered and the changes rolled back (collation classes).

·         Working on current integration streams for M5; high confidence in M5 release.


·         Still on M4 prereqs; expecting to migrate up to M5 prereqs this weekend.

·         Questions on M5 build number: policy is up to projects; timestamp seems to be general consensus for fourth digit. Numbers cannot be recycled, and dependencies have to be accurate in terms of the specific version of a plugin you rely on.


·         One compile error against M5; targeting Wednesday for bits to the update site.


·         status green


·         On weekly I-builds of prereqs and working with those. Has already posted to the update site.


·         One more build before M5; probably declaring later today (2/17) or Saturday (2/18).


Update Site Status:

·         Update site Wiki ( updated to reflect that:

o        Features will be listed explicitly, rather than functionally grouped

o        Screen shot added

o        Explicit limitation: 3.1 à 3.2 platform is *not* part of the update site; users or adopters will need to explicitly download/ship 3.2 bits to migrate

o        Timing is expected to be synchronous with downloadable ZIPs (project leads agreed to this)

·         Reminder that per-project update sites must be done in advance of the push to the global Callisto update site. All Callisto projects should have their “local” update sites working by their respective M5 deadlines.

·         Send questions or comments on update site or the document to David.


Discussion Topics:

·         ICU4J: Don’t worry about 4-byte Unicode support; SWT is *not* supporting it.

·         John Graham: Which is the “right” list of APIs to use?

·         KevinH: Clarise McIntyre is the right person to listen to. Proxy layer is not ready yet, but will be announced to mailing list when it is.

·         DavidW: Log/search for ICU4J bugs directly at For general info sharing, you can add comments to the platform’s “transition to ICU4J” bug ( so that others can benefit from your experience, but don’t use that as a proxy for filing real bug reports.

·         Can replace builds on update site; limit to M-builds and critical updates for now. (Frequency will increase in the May/June timeframe.) Goal at the moment is to exercise infrastructure and work out any kinks, more than to establish a high level of support around M5.

·         Kevin: No one owns interop testing in the abstract. Request is to have each team smoke test their *own* component within the context of the Callisto bits. (Projects agreed to this.)

·         Kevin: Can we confirm that the infrastructure is up to the download challenge? (DavidW: Blocking bug open against intermittent problems. Operational issues with bandwidth need to be raised to Eclipse Webmasters in advance; see AI below.)


Action Items:

·         [Bjorn] Include Denis (Eclipse Webmaster) on these calls for operational support.



·         Call next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

·         By the next call, Platform, CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, and VE should have M5 releases ready. BIRT, GMF, TPTP, and WTP reach M5 one week later (3/3/2006).

·         We’re meeting in Santa Clara on Sunday, March 19th from 10-noon, Bjorn to supply room details.




Please send corrections, updates to Bjorn.


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