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Re: [] Planning Council conferencecall next week

I concur and would like to add that seems backwards to ask projects to commit to being a Callisto project with few expressed requirements only to later add "must-have" requirements (especially without dicussion/debate thereof).  We'll do our best to meet late-defined requirements and expect consideration given otherwise.



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Regarding point (2) below:

In discussions with the DTP community, a number of "Callisto requirements"
have been mentioned. These include:

1. All Callisto projects must build against Eclipse 3.2
2. All Callisto projects must have jar'ed plug-ins
3. All Callisto projects must use Eclipse message bundles (not Java
resource bundles)
4. All Callisto projects must use capabilities
5. All Callisto projects must use ICU4J by Eclipse 3.2M5

Where do official Callisto requirements come from? I would argue that the
Planning Council is the group which should set forth, debate, and approve
all Callisto requirements. These requirements could then be added to a web
page. This way, the next time the community expresses a "Callisto
requirement" not included on that page, I can reply that they should submit
a request to the Planning Council to consider and decide upon it. These
requirements could be classified as "must have" (can not be part of
Callisto without it), "preferred" (Callisto would like to see this, but can
live without it), "suggested" (just an idea), along with any deadline for

Not that I oppose (1) -- (5) as bad ideas, but I hadn't previously heard
them expressed as requirements in our previous Callisto discussions. (At
least in the last two Council meetings and in email.) Roughly my
understanding of these five is like this:

1'. All Callisto projects must be tested and known to run correctly in
Eclipse 3.2
2'. Following Eclipse 3.x best practices, we suggest that all Callisto
projects have jar'ed plug-ins
3'. Following Eclipse 3.x best practices, we suggest that all Callisto
projects use Eclipse message bundles
4'. As necessary, Callisto projects should use capabilities to reduce
clutter/complexity in the Callisto install.
5'. All Callisto projects must use ICU4J as some, yet unspecified, point in
the future (before the Callisto release)

For DTP, we have a requirement to support Eclipse 3.1 and 3.2 in the June
time frame, so we are building against 3.1 and testing in both 3.1 and 3.2.
We feel that this meets the Callisto requirement 1', while preventing
accidental 3.2 specific code from entering into DTP. We have also completed
item 5.  We are unsure about items 2 --4.

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC
Staff Software Engineer
Sybase, Inc.

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             01/26/2006 03:56          Planning Council conference call    
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Planning Council Members,
As your calendar will remind you, we have a Callisto/Planning Council
conference call next week on Feb 3rd.
or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

The agenda for this call so far is:
   1. Review the Callisto status page and where each project is in terms of
      providing status information to the rest of us (through this web
   2. Review the status of each project in terms of the upcoming Callisto
      M5 release - build mechanics? build schedule? testing schedule? new &
      noteworthy distribution to all participants? etc.
   3. Discuss bug 125276 - a suggestion for a different layout of the "four
      top left nav items". Now that we are getting more projects to adopt
      this, this bug suggests a different, and potentially better, set of
      menu items.
Please come to the phone call prepared to discuss these items (in other
words, I say politely, "please do a little homework in advance of the
call"). Thanks._______________________________________________ mailing list

_______________________________________________ mailing list

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