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[] Planning Council conference call next week

Planning Council Members,
As your calendar will remind you, we have a Callisto/Planning Council conference call next week on Feb 3rd.
or   866.362.7064
passcode 874551#

The agenda for this call so far is:
  1. Review the Callisto status page and where each project is in terms of providing status information to the rest of us (through this web page)
  2. Review the status of each project in terms of the upcoming Callisto M5 release - build mechanics? build schedule? testing schedule? new & noteworthy distribution to all participants? etc.
  3. Discuss bug 125276 - a suggestion for a different layout of the "four top left nav items". Now that we are getting more projects to adopt this, this bug suggests a different, and potentially better, set of menu items.
Please come to the phone call prepared to discuss these items (in other words, I say politely, "please do a little homework in advance of the call"). Thanks.

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