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Re: [] Council meetings next week

Our decision (and we can change it if we want) was based on that the "on" train projects are committing to provide resources to the other "on" train projects - person-hours of integration effort and prioritized bug fixes and coordination conference calls, etc. We didn't know how much effort this was going to be and we wanted to limit the number of projects to limit the "effort risk".

Despite the earlier decision to limit passengers on the train, what is the downside of letting these folks board?






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When we formed Callisto at the last meeting, we decided ( that "
participation in this initial train is limited - not everyone who wants to join will be able to join this year. Assuming success, the process will be opened to additional projects next year. ... What does it mean to be "on" or "off" the train? First, any project is welcome to release simultaneously with any other project. The existence of the release train does not prevent, e.g., Mylar, from releasing at the same time as the Platform."

Hence MTJ and NAB are welcome to release simultaneously with Callisto, but will not be included in Callisto this year. (Unless the Council changes its decision.) Sorry and FYI.

FYI, I have a couple of sub-projects in incubation right now (Mobile Tools for Java and Native Application Builder) that have expressed interest in being on the Callisto train.  The Target Management project also hopes to release some code in this timeframe.  This is new information from the last planning meeting.


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