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RE: [] Release train planningdocument needed

I think you are referring to the need to deal with progressive  when users install all of the Eclipse projects into one workbench. This is done by defining Capabilities. You can find documentation on how to do this in the SDK's on-line help if you search for "capabilities" it should be the first entry in the list.

Defining the capabilities and testing to make sure we don't create usability problems needs to happen soon but if you already have the bits created for the Callisto stream I would not delay posting the build and instead target this work for the next milestone.

It would be great to have an easy way to install all of the Callisto stream projects and in addition to a better download page I think we should consider using the update manager as well.

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11/10/2005 12:34 PM

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RE: [] Release train        planningdocument        needed

 Kevin mentioned there is a change that each project need  to make to be consistent with 3.2 M3 platform in the Architecture council conf. call, is it a pre-requisite for the synchronized Callisto milestone build?    If so, can Kevin provide more details?
What is the artifact we need to produce for Callisto besides each project upload its own M builds?  Do we need to have a Callisto page on for what is new and download link, etc...
BIRT has just finished a stable build compatible with 3.2 M3 yesterday, and we are  ready to produce BIRT2.0 M3 for the Callisto stream.  
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Re: [] Release train planningdocument needed

There is an updated version of the Eclipse Project 3.2 plan which makes public the milestone dates that we discussed at the last council session. We are also at the point where we should see better coordinated milestone builds from several projects that have agreed to be on the release train. What is the outlook for getting additional projects to produce milestone builds for the Callisto stream?


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10/25/2005 11:32 AM

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[] Release train planning document        needed

Planning Council members,

Has anyone begun a consolidated planning document that describes the release train yet? If so, please forward the link (and apologies if I missed it in the torrent of email). If not, we very much need such a thing – participants, dates, rampdown details, specific transitional issues, etc. would help both the projects involved and give others in the community a common reference point for understanding what’s in store for next June.



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