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[] Planning Council conference call Thursday April 28th 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 7pm CEST

Reminder: there is an Planning Council conference call Thursday, April 28th 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 7pm CEST. The call-in numbers are:
or   866.362.7064
pass code 874551#

The main purpose of this call is to set the agenda for the May 18-19 Planning Council meeting in Portland, Oregon. To quote from the Eclipse Development Process document, the "The Planning Council is responsible for establishing a coordinated Platform Release Plan that supports the Roadmap, producing and maintaining a Platform Release Plan that balances the many competing requirements."

Agenda for this call:


 * Reminder to make your hotel reservations for the Council meetings
   in Portland.
 * Review of the Council meetings schedule:
     - Wednesday morning is the plenary meeting with all three
       Councils for the Requirements Council members (especially
       the Strategic Consumers) to present and explain the requirements
     - Thursday is the all day Planning Council session to discuss
       the planning consequences of the requirements.

*Agenda for the May Council Meeting*
Note that this call is mostly about the agenda for the Council meetings, not so much the actual discussion. We should add these items to the agenda for the meeting if anyone on the call thinks it is important. We probably should not spend too much time on the call discussing the pros and cons - just whether we need to bring the item up in Portland.

* Add to the Council agenda: make a push for more cross-project cooperation,
   or at the very least,
   communication and mind-melding.  Each of the projects brings a
   distinct and interesting approach to Eclipse and we'd like to find
   a way to gather the best of all of them into our development processes
and conventions. We need to develop a core competency in this area - how
   are we going to do that?
 * Add: "Keeping current with relevant standards" progress for each project
 * Add: Discussion of a status reporting format that we, collectively, are
content with so that we can generate our Roadmap inputs at the end of the
   year without a lot of extra work by any of us.
   As an aside, I created a Master Time line script that extracts and
   consolidates schedule information from each project.  You can see it
 * Add: As the project leaders for Eclipse, the Planning Council members
should ensure that their projects are participating in the various Reviews, especially those of the top-level projects. I have posted a draft Release Review procedure We should discuss and revise a procedure for these reviews and the other
   reviews. (@ see below)
* Add: What are the project planning issues in having "synchronized releases"
   across all the projects?  Similarly, what is the Platform maintenance
   schedule and should the other projects synchronize with it?
 * Add: what low overhead mechanisms can we put in place to keep customers
   aware of commitments and changes in commitments?
 * These are just my list of Council meeting agenda items; I'm sure
   you'll have many more so we will gather them and add them to the
   Council agenda.

*A Few Action Items*

 * If we have time on this call, we should take up the active discussion
   of the (@) item "Release Review agenda and API quality". Our first
   Release Reviews will occur before our face-to-face meeting in Portland
   so it would be good to have some discussion of this topic in advance.
 * The penultimate agenda item for this call is to sort the Council
   meeting agenda in priority order.
 * The final agenda item for this call is to assign homework for the
   various agenda items. The goal is for selected Council members to
   come to the Council meetings with background information on each
   agenda item so that the discussions at the meeting can be focused
   and productive.

*Bjorn Freeman-Benson*
Technical Director, Open Source Process and Infrastructure
Eclipse Foundation
voice:      971-327-7323 (PDT, GMT-8)
email:      bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx

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