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[] OpenHW Europe Working Group Announcement


A proposal has been made to establish the OpenHW Europe Working Group.

The proposed charter [1] for this working group outlines this is a joint initiative of the Eclipse Foundation AISBL and its partner the OpenHW Group [2].  The overarching goal of this working group is to engage in initiatives complementing the general work program of the OpenHW Group that are of strategic interest to the joint members of Eclipse Foundation and OpenHW Group that relate to the European marketplace, including strategic market analysis, development of technical requirements, and digital sovereignty.  By working collaboratively through the auspices of this Eclipse working group, the joint members of Eclipse Foundation and OpenHW Group can pursue those initiatives and have a positive impact with strategic open hardware and related open software projects in Europe.

The working group will:

  • Ensure the establishment and operation of a European-located code repository for the projects related to OpenHW Group;
  • Participate in European Projects, including European-based research projects, relevant to European-centric open hardware and related open software initiatives;
  • Gather European-centric requirements and strategic/technology needs for an open hardware ecosystem and where appropriate to incubate projects arising from that discussion under the OpenHW Group top level project.
  • Carry out European marketing initiatives in support of the working group’s initiatives.

The proposed charter for this working group is now available for review.   If you have any comments or feedback, please send them to the working group mailing list [3].  

All Members of the Eclipse Foundation are invited to join and participate in this working group and to engage with the OpenHW Group.   

Please feel free to contact me directly, or the mailing list, if you have any questions.

[3] mailto:openhw-europe-wg@xxxxxxxxxxx


Paul White
VP, Member Services | Eclipse Foundation

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