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[] Update on our Corporate Restructuring - Next Steps


I am following up on the announcement made last week that we have completed the creation of our new Belgian-based nonprofit Eclipse Foundation AISBL organization.  This is part of our overall strategy to become European-centric in our governance.  More on this initiative and the mechanics of it can be found at  

Now that the new organization is operational, I want to draw to your attention to the two actions that we are undertaking with respect to our membership and working groups:

Migration of each Member company’s membership

We will be reaching out to each member’s company representative with the Foundation individually to engage in the process of transitioning your organization’s membership from the existing Eclipse Foundation, Inc. to the new Eclipse Foundation AISBL.  This will include updating your Membership Agreement, your Member Committer and Contributor Agreement, and any Working Group Participation Agreements. 

There is no action to be taken as yet - rather, we will be contacting each member’s company representative as soon as possible to support this migration.  That process will begin soon, and will take us a number of weeks to reach out to each member individually. 

Working group charter changes

We will be asking each of our 16 working groups to amend their charters to reflect the changes in our governance.  You’ll recall we already updated the Foundation’s Bylaws effective October 1, 2020. The working group charters now need to be updated to reflect these changes and to incorporate the migration of our governance to the new Belgian entity.  

Again, there is no action required by any members of working groups to affect these changes to the charters, and there will be no impact on the work done by the working groups nor on our members’ participation in the working groups as a result of the changes. 

We will, however, be asking each working group Steering Committee to review and approve the charter changes.  The Foundation’s staff will work directly with each Steering Committee to ensure this goes smoothly and that each Steering Committee is aware of the changes.  These changes are limited to aligning the charters with the new governance, specifically to align with the new Bylaws.  There are no other changes, including no changes to working group fees or currency, objectives, scope, membership classes, etc.  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly, or to send an email to eclipse.europe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for your understanding and support! 

Best Regards,

Paul White
VP, Member Services | Eclipse Foundation


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