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[] Proposal to establish the AsciiDoc Working Group


A proposal has been made to establish the AsciiDoc Working Group [1].

The aim of the working group is to drive the standardization, adoption, and evolution of the AsciiDoc language. This effort will include tools to comprehend, analyze, and transform this language for use in creating technical communication encoded in AsciiDoc. The ultimate goal is to support the development, deployment, management, and usage of software documentation, applications, and services that use AsciiDoc.

The working group will:
	• Foster the design and development of the AsciiDoc language specification, which includes the syntax, rules, built-in attributes, Abstract Semantic Graph (ASG), DOM (Document Object Model), API and options, conversion model, referencing system, extension SPI, and runtime-agnostic technology compatibility kit (TCK), all to ensure interoperability and portability of information encoded in AsciiDoc.

	• Collaborate with Working Group members, contributors, subject matter experts, and community members from multiple domains to select and define capabilities, terminology, and syntax for AsciiDoc based on tangible and emerging use cases, requirements, and important external developments.

	• Support the development of associated technical specifications, compatible implementations, tools, and software libraries.

	• Encourage an extensible architecture, pattern reuse, interface consistency, ease of use and customization, enterprise-level frontend and backend performance, and secure programmatic practices.

The proposed charter [1]  for this working group is available for review.   If you have any comments or feedback on the proposed charter, please send them to the working group mailing list [2], or feel free to contact me directly.  

All Members of the Eclipse Foundation are invited to join and participate in this working group. If you are interested, please send an email to the mailing list [2].  Based on the feedback and level of interest, the working group will be officially created later this quarter. 

You can find a list of all of the Eclipse Foundation’s Working Groups here [3]. 



Paul White
VP, Member Services | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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