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[] Jubula Project Proposal

Greetings folks. I'd like to draw your attention to the new Jubula
project proposal.

Jubula will provide functional GUI testing support for Java and HTML
applications. It will further try to be an anchor point for a broader
testing scope including requirements analysis, code coverage of Java
applications and test metrics. You can find the proposal at

We're trying something new with this project. In the past, we've created
a separate forum for each new proposal. We are concerned that separate
forums are burdensome for both our IT staff and for the community.
Instead of creating a new forum every time we start a new project, we
have created a single "Proposals" forum where all discussion about
project proposals will occur. We feel that this centralized
communication channel will be easier for everybody to keep track of the
discussion. As always, we welcome your opinions about this change.

The newsgroup, eclipse.proposals, is already online. It hasn't appeared
in the forums yet, but should soon. Stay tuned.



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