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[] Introducing Eclipse MarketplaceClient - an app store for the Eclipse Ecosystem.


In June 2010, as part of the Helios release train, we will be introducing a new feature into the Eclipse packages, called the Marketplace Client.   This new feature will provide direct access to the solution listings on Eclipse Marketplace.  Now millions of Eclipse developers will have an opportunity to download and install new Eclipse-based solutions directly from their Eclipse installation.  The Marketplace Client will provide an app store like experience for the Eclipse ecosystem. 

Companies that are members of the Eclipse Foundation will receive preferential treatment in the Marketplace client.   The client will have a 'Feature List' that highlights only Foundation member solutions and the client will only display commercial solutions from member companies and open source solutions.   This is a great opportunity for your company to get more exposure to the Eclipse developer community.

We want to encourage all member companies to take advantage of this new marketing opportunity.   A Marketplace Quickstart guide has been created to show you the steps required to participate in the Marketplace client.  

Please make sure the appropriate marketing and product teams are made aware of this great opportunity.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself and/or Nathan Gervais.

Ian Skerrett

Ian Skerrett
Director of Marketing
Eclipse Foundation
Tel: 613-224-9461 ext 227
Twitter: IanSkerrett
Plan to attend EclipseCon 2010, March 22-25

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