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[] Eclipse Member Newsletter - January 2019 Edition

ūüéȬ†Happy New Year, Eclipse Foundation Member Community!¬†ūüéČ
The January 2019 Newsletter is here!

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Nominations for Board Representatives are Open

Nominations are now open for the Eclipse Board of Directors. As a reminder, positions for Committer and Sustaining Member  (i.e., Solutions members) representatives are elected annually. The individuals holding these elected positions play a significant role in the governance of our community.

Nominations end January 24, 2019. Voting begins on February 11, 2019 and ends on February 28, 2019 at 3pm Eastern time.

To nominate, send us an email; self-nominations are encouraged.

Revised Eclipse Development Process

On December 7/2018, the Eclipse Foundation's Board of Directors approved a new edition of the Eclipse Development Process (EDP). We rolled this new edition out on December 14/2018.

The big change introduced in this new edition is the introduction of Progress Reviews and the recast of Release Reviews as a type of Progress Review. Progress Reviews are essentially the same as Release Reviews with the exception that they can occur at any point in the project lifecycle (while the EDP doesn't explicitly make any specific requirements, Release Reviews are generally accepted to be timed near the end of a release cycle). The basic idea is that a project team can opt to time a Progress Review at their convenience.

An Eclipse project team can declare as many official releases as they'd like for an entire year following a successful Progress Review or Release Review.

Note that this does not impact our intellectual property management: Eclipse project teams will continue to engage in the Eclipse IP Due Diligence Process on an ongoing basis, and only intellectual property that has been approved (or license certified) by the Eclipse IP Team will be included in a release.

This change comes as part of our ongoing effort to balance “just enough process" to ensure that Eclipse Projects are successful. With this change, we reduce the process burden for Eclipse open source projects that need to engage in frequent releases, while maintaining the overall rigor and associated quality that comes from our governance process.

Deadline for Open IoT Challenge 5.0 Extended

The deadline has been extended for the Eclipse IoT Working Group's 5th annual Open IoT Challenge! You now have until January 20, 2019, to submit your IoT solution proposal.

This time around the challenge has a prize pool of $5,000+ and is sponsored by Contact Software, Intel, and Eclipse IoT.

Challenge benefits include:

  • Recognition on the Eclipse IoT website, social media, and announcements
  • Sharing knowledge with the community by documenting and discussing their experience when building their IoT solution
  • Three winners will be awarded prizes, allowing you to continue to innovate and build other IoT projects
  • Winners will receive sponsor's IoT services or products as prizes

If you're interested in participating, apply now!

New Meetup Series: Jakarta Tech Talks

Eclipse Foundation is very excited to announce Jakarta Tech Talks, a meetup series that will cover a wide range of topics related to enterprise Java Cloud technologies.

We will meet once a month to start, with the first session Jakarta EE Meets NoSQL planned for January 22nd, 2019 @ 11 AM ET. Refer to the here for live stream details and follow for the calendar of talks.

We look forward to having you join us!

Eclipse Foundation Quarterly Members Meeting

The next Quarterly Members Meeting meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 beginning at 11:00 AM ET. Please stay tuned for the agenda.

The live-streamed event can be found here on YouTube.

Upcoming Events

Email us to take advantage of the opportunity to promote your Eclipse training or other Eclipse event on the Events Map!

Jakarta EE Meets NoSQL
January 22, 2019
Jakarta Tech Talks series online

Eclipse Insight: cross domain engineering
February 6, 2019
Munich, Germany

IoT Day Grenoble
February 19-22, 2019
Grenoble, France

OSS 2019
May 26-27, 2019
Montreal, Quebec

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