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[] Agenda for Monday's Eclipse Foundation AGM

Dear Everyone,

The next Eclipse Foundation Members meeting, also our annual general meeting (AGM), will take place on Monday March 9th, 2015 at 14:00. The meeting will be co-hosted at EclipseCon & FOSS4G NA and take place in the Sandpebble AB room.

People are welcomed & encouraged to attend in person. There will not be a recording or live stream for this meeting.

The agenda is now available on-line here.

If you are passionate about Eclipse, there's some big news you'll want to hear. There are some great open source geospatial talks featured. And you won't want to miss Stephen O'Grady's talk:

The Software Paradox: What Open Source Means for the Cloud and Commercialization

Today, more than ever, software is the lifeblood not only of the technology industry, but businesses from accounting to transportation. The continued rise of open source is driving software and the industries that use it to new heights, but creating a tension between the strategic importance of software and its commercial value. In this talk, we'll explore what opens source means to the cloud, the commercial vendors and you.

Safe travels, and see you Monday!


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