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[*** SPAM ***]Brand Association with Eclipse


EclipseCon is rapidly approaching and we could use your help to make this year's EclipseCon the best ever. We are trying to expand attendance beyond the core Eclipse people by including more related technologies (OSGi and OMG) as well as more users and user groups.  Show your support of Eclipse and EclipseCon to your developer communities by having your web teams, developer networks, and bloggers promote the EclipseCon 2008 ( website over the next few weeks. 

Logos in a variety of formats and sizes can be found on the EclipseCon Friends page.  (

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

-          Don

Donald Smith
Director of Ecosystem Development
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
P:+1 613 224 9461 x231
C:+1 613 292 5160
F:+1 212 918 1619


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