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[] List of proposed talks and tutorials

Hello fellow PC members,

the call for papers is officially closed and now is the time to get our hands dirty ;-)

I prepared and shared a Google sheet to start the selection:

In preparation for the call tomorrow please do a short review of the talks which have you as one of two reviewers attached. Please check the talks for missing or bad information and inform the speaker(s) of any problems.

We have 130 talks (actually 125, since 5 have been early bird selections) to choose from and we have to select about 50. This shouldn't take too much time.

There is a slight problem with OSGi talks: only 13 proposals are there for 25 slots. It is not decided yet what to do, but one option would be to fill up OSGi slots with standard talks or talks from the Project Quality Day (28 proposals for 7 slots).

Ian Skerret has informed me that the talk​ (Panel on Cloud Computing) is there as a placeholder for a soon-to-be-announced top-level project. Please keep that in mind when selecting and don't spread the word until the official announcement.

The tutorial part of the sheet will be there in about an hour. This will probably the main topic of tomorrow's call.

This email and the share info is also sent to the OSGi members of the PC. You can just ignore it or decide to have a peek.

- Achim

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