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[] First meeting of Program Committee

Greetings, fellow Program Committee members,

I'd like to invite you to our first telephone conference next week. To find a date I have create a Doodle poll. Please choose a date as soon as possible on

This will be mostly a call where we get to know each other (there are a few new members) and where we set the first directions for the conference.


* (Self-)Introduction of PC members

* Info from the planning meeting in Zwingenberg

* Track categories for the conference
Should we change the categories from last year? Which topics should go, what should be new?
last years categories:

* Talk types, length
last year: Tutorial (3-4h), talk 25 minutes
options: extended talks, lightning talks, other formats, ...

* Schedules for future meetings

* Infos on potential keynotes

* Suggestions for procedures for this session
Experience, reports from Burlingame, suggestions on how to work, etc.

* Anything someone comes up with during the call ;-)

See you next week


P.S.: If you don't have received your Wiki access info please let me know.

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