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Re: [] ZeroTurnaround

I also think both are interesting, and from my opinion both could have made it into the regular program :-(

Personally, I think "Taming Java Agents" is cooler, I would go there. On the other hand, from what I have experienced in my last projects, there might be a bunch of people interested in the "Things to consider when branching" talk. Many companies have switched to git & friends, but still use it like an awkward SVN. So I reckon it's the one which is more relevant.

Hope that helps...

2013/9/13 Sebastian Zarnekow <Sebastian.Zarnekow@xxxxxxxxx>
I like both abstracts - why didn't they submit them on the regular track?

Anyway: If I had to pick one, I'd go for the second (branching and CI).


On 13.09.2013, at 09:08, Campo, Christian wrote:

I got a question from Anne about sponsored talks from ZeroTurnaround and I thought I pass it on to my PC :-)
They are going to do ONE sponsored talk but they two ideas for a sponsored talk in mind.
Here's #1:
And #2:
So WE can choose either one that fits better, is more interesting, attracts more people.
Any opinion in the PC

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