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Re: [] SAP submission...


waitlist position 3


P.S.: reason - interesting stuff connected to Orion, which is great...!!! :-)

On 05.09.13 17:28, Campo, Christian wrote:
hi PC,

your program is final as of yesterday. So will not add more accepted
talks or reject talks that are currently accepted.

SAP contacted me and Achim today about a talk they didnt submit. Big
apologies from them for coming so late. After some discussion I said she
can write a really short abstract and we see if we are interested on the
waiting list.

The abstract with title is below and could longer but I asked to make it
short. I propose to just vote +1,-1,0 for putting on the waiting list….
You can also suggest a position in the waiting list if you have an
opinion about that. (If you vote –1 you dont need to do that :-) )

I really like everyone to vote, except Simon (since it is SAP) and then
we see tomorrow where this going.


*p.s. reject comments are really going good. Its 16 more and we are
done. Please help each other….. !!!!*


*Providing Orion API for an in-memory database (SAP HANA).*

The main focus of the open source project Orion
( is to create an environment for web
development in the web browser.

It includes a web-based IDE and the corresponding tools and specifications.

The server side API and the client side API are the clearly defined
specification for developing in the web using an Orion compliant server.

In this talk we deal with the problem of how to implement an Orion API
on SAP HANA, which is both an in-memory database and a platform.

The challenge is not only to implement the complete specification of
Orion API on HANA, but also to extend it with a HANA specific
functionality in the way to stay compliant with Orion native clients.


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