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Re: [] ECE 2011 first telco in April 2012


Le 11/04/2012 08:40, Campo, Christian a écrit :
Hi program committee ECE 2012,

I was just notified by Anne Jacko that its just about time to discuss our first topics.

The Call For Papers needs to go out by May 8. What we need to decide is what categories we like for the submissions, what talk length we like and how many tutorials we want to have.

I am pretty much happy with what we had in the last year
  • standard talk (25 min)
  • extended talk (55 min)
  • tutorials (3.5 hr)

Sounds good to me. I would expect quite a few extended talks and many standard talks. It's always tricky to have an "extended talk" right and not transforming itself in a "boring standard talk".

The categories for the submissions where
  • Eclipse technology
  • Building Industry Solutions
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Other
But of course we can add, remove and modify categories as we like. "Cool stuff" sounds like a good addition. :-)

IMO Categories are a strong hint regarding what the commitee expect.  "Cool Stuff" is a nice addition. I'm fine with "Industry Solutions", at first I was thinking "Experience Report" or "Building on Eclipse" would be more clear but looking at the talks which got accepted in this track last year I can only say it worked quite well.
As an attendee I have sometime been a bit disappointed by having a lot of general/overview talks and almost none which gets deep in the technology. I'm not asking for many of them, but a few would be nice especialy for Eclipse commiters coming at ECE.   It doesn't need to be a category though, highlighting it on the submission page would be good. Last year only seven talks qualified themselves as requiring an "Advanced" experience level.

What do you think ?
Last year Monday evening german time (17:00), 8 am pacific time was a good time for every member to participate in a telco. I would ask Anne to setup a telco for an hour but I guess we can finish faster than that.

What is a good time for everyone to participate ? Is Monday a good day ? Does the 16th April work for everybody or would you rather prefer Monday the 23rd ? If anybody wants a different day thats ok. I can setup a Doodle if necessary, but wanted to check first if there is an easy way to find a day. :-)

I did update the doodle.  Monday is a good day in general and this time is perfect for me.

Please take a minute for a quick reply, so we can setup something.

christian campo
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