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Re: [] ECE 2011 first telco in April 2012


I am pretty much happy with what we had in the last year

  * standard talk (25 min)
  * extended talk (55 min)
  * tutorials (3.5 hr)


The categories for the submissions where

  * Eclipse technology
  * Building Industry Solutions
  * Community and Collaboration
  * Other


But of course we can add, remove and modify categories as we like. "Cool
stuff" sounds like a good addition. :-)

Adding "Cool stuff" sounds good to me.

Last year Monday evening german time (17:00), 8 am pacific time was a
good time for every member to participate in a telco. I would ask Anne
to setup a telco for an hour but I guess we can finish faster than that.

Generally a good time for me.

What is a good time for everyone to participate ? *Is Monday a good day*
? Does the *16th April* work for everybody or would you rather prefer
*Monday* the *23rd* ? If anybody wants a different day thats ok. I can
setup a Doodle if necessary, but wanted to check first if there is an
easy way to find a day. :-)

23rd is better, 16th doesn't work for me.


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