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Re: [] ECE Schedule

The Java 7 track is NOT intended to be all in the same room.  I'd appreciate if we can move some of them around.  I'd be happy to help if needed.


On 9/19/2011 6:20 AM, Alexander Neumann wrote:
Hi, Bernd,

- 15 minutes for opening sessions should be enough, but to have it with 30 minutes is OK, so the break after the keynote can be longer - and that is good for socializing
- Is it intended to have the Java 7 track in different roms?
- I would place "The Making of the OPEES Industrial Working Group" in the WKZ like other internal Eclipse sessions
- I would change the "Eclipse Code Recommenders" session with "Pimp your productivity with Git, Gerrit, Hudson and Mylyn", so you'll have another bigger ALM-related session in Theater
- "Open sourcing a commercial tool – What can I expect?" maybe to WKZ, I'm not sure if there's a huge interest for it today (it's 2011)

Apart from these things which are only my points of view it's a fine schedule


Am 19.09.2011 12:02, schrieb Bernd Kolb:
Hi guys,

here is a possible schedule for ECE. Please have a look and give
feedback if you think there is something to change.

1) I tried to schedule the session where I think they will attract the
most people in the largest rooms
2) I tried to have no / minimal overlap of sessions on the same topic
3) I tried to have not all the interesting stuff on the first day and
all the other stuff on the last day.

Here is the URL

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