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Re: [] Spreadsheet ready

HI Achim,

My suggestion was 
- Modelling
- Runtime
- Tools
- E4?
- Embedded?

But I am open for other/additional suggestions

Best regards,

2011/8/30 Achim Lörke <Achim.Loerke@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Bernd

obviously I missed the Tag values: does this mean the tracks or something like runtime, community, etc? Care to provide me/us with a list of allowed values for this row?


On 29.08.2011, at 19:06, Bernd Kolb wrote:

> Hi,
> I just added a few columns to the spreadsheet. It is now ready for you.
> * Please add Type and Tag to the columns J and K if nobody else has done so
> * There is a column with your name where you can put a number between 1 and 10 where 1 means "will be in the program" and 10 is "will not be in the program"
> * I added two cols with standard deviation and mean which we can use later to sort
> * Column W should hold your additional review comments, suggestions for improvements, ...
> Happy reviewing :-)
> Bernd
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