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Re: [] Google spreadsheet


Here's the CSV file from the submission system with the data for the talks.

Should download as a file.  Let me know if you'd  like to see some things moved around added etc.
Nathan Gervais
Web Developer - Eclipse Foundation

On 8/22/2011 12:07 PM, Bernd Kolb wrote:

I just sent out an invitation to all of you to a google spreadsheet. In there you will find your name in the first column 
Please start reviewing there. In the last two columns please mark a talk with 
+2 Definitely need to be in the program
+1 Should be in the program
0   Might be in the program
-1  Should not be in the program
-2 Definitely not :-)

In addition, please post private comments for each talk. Content should be why you think this talk should / should not be in the program

Please keep in mind to review the tags and edit them. We will need them for a second round and for the final program.
Tags should be
- Modelling
- Runtime
- Tools
- E4?
- Embedded?

If you have other proposals, please feel free to send a mail to the list

I am looking forward to your reviews

Here are the email addresses I used:

_______________________________________________ mailing list

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