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[] Eclipse Committers April 2024 Office Hours: Generative AI Usage Guidelines

Greetings Committers

My apologies for not sending this reminder earlier.

Our April 2024 Committer Office Hours are scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). I'd like to use some of this time to present our Generative Artificial Intelligence Usage Guidelines for Eclipse Committers. During this presentation, I'll talk a little bit about copyright, but the primary focus will be the guidelines themselves. 

Bear in mind that I am not a lawyer, and nothing that we present in this session should be considered legal advice.

April 11 2024 at 1330h UTC (1530h CET, 0930h EDT)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 846 3894 5339

Office hours recordings are made available (along with the schedule of events) on the Eclipse Project Team's Calendar page.

While I have your attention, let me remind you that the Eclipse Contributor Agreements are valid for a period of three years. That is, three years after signing, an ECA will expire and an active contributor is required to re-sign the ECA. 

We have a fairly large number of ECAs coming due to expire in the near term. We've reviewed the contribution records of the affected contributors and are confident that virtually all of the contributors are not currently active, meaning that the impact on your workflows should be minimal. Still, you may encounter contributors who may be surprised to learn that they are not covered by a current agreement (the ECA Checker can help you determine whether or not a contributor is covered by a current ECA).

If you are a committer operating under a valid committer agreement (having either personally signed the Individual Committer Agreement or working for a member company that has signed the Member Committer and Contributor Agreement), then you do not need to sign the ECA.


Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

My working day may not be your working day! Please don’t feel obliged to read or reply to this e-mail outside of your normal working hours.

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