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[] Notice: Change to Mailing lists

Hi Everyone,

  I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of a change that was made to our mailing lists.

We've been tracking[1] issues related to mail from our lists being tagged as spam, or otherwise failing to reach people.  This appears to be due to changes in anti-spam technology(specifically DMARC), which do not play nicely with our old school mailing lists.

Fortunately our list software offers some options to try and mitigate this, but they do change our expectations of how mailing lists should(do?) function.  

Going forward messages will come from the lists themselves(ie: eclipse-dev) rather than from the original sender, and replies will be directed to the lists.  The original sender should appear as a cc in the message, so if you do want to respond directly to them you can, but you'll need to correct the 'To:' field in your mail client to do so.  

You can see how this change appears in some mail clients by checking out the images on [1] posted by those community members that helped us with testing this change(hat tip to @gunnar, @ebratt and @mthomas8id)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Webmaster.

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