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[] Chat service now available!

Hello everyone,

After a trial period of one month, I am pleased to announce the opening of the Foundation's chat service in production.

You can now connect to it via the web interface: `` or via your preferred matrix client by configuring the homeserver with ``.

For more information, please take a look at our getting started guide or the documentation.

Unlike the staging instance, which was intended to show the service's potential in the medium term, the production platform is an empty shell that needs to be filled. Therefore, depending on the projects' willingness to use the service, it is possible to request for rooms and spaces creation through the Eclipse Foundation's helpdesk. A dedicated template is provided for this kind of request that can be found here.

A few reminders regarding the platform:


* A support room for requests for the chat service:

* A general room for global discussion:

* And rooms dedicated to the foundation's IT teams:


* Public rooms and spaces are set by the Eclipse Foundation. In other words, there are no private rooms, and you cannot create your own rooms or spaces. In addition all public rooms are discoverable by all matrix servers.

* Direct communication is possible in a 1:1 way with other community members, but it is not possible to expand the communication to more people except by switching to a public room.

* If you already have a Matrix account on another server, you will need to use that server to authenticate and search for Eclipse Foundation public rooms and spaces.

Please also consider before you start using the service, everything about consent policy and the Eclipse Foundation Policy bot.

We hope this new chat service will help you collaborate more effectively, and help you grow your communities!

Thank you and see you there!

Best regards,

Sébastien Heurtematte
Release Engineer | Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

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