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[] Two factor authentication updates

Dear committers,

I wanted to share some positive news regarding security posture of our 1000+ Github repositories. During the course 2022Q4, the number of committers that have 2FA (two-factor authentication) activated on GitHub has increased by 8.8%. 

This means that 63.8% of all Eclipse committers on GitHub are now using 2FA. It helps protecting your codebase and prevent unauthorized access. Also, approximately 31% of the GitHub organizations managed by the Eclipse Foundation have 90% or more of their committers using two-factor authentication (2FA), which is an 18% increase from the previous quarter.

If you did not do it yet, we encourage you to activate 2FA today, on all platforms where it’s available. There are plenty of reasons to do so. See below links to documentation how to activate 2FA for code under the stewardship of the Eclipse Foundation:

Finally, if you are willing to make 2FA mandatory for all committers on your project, feel free to open a ticket at our help desk, and we will work with you to make it happen.

Thanks again!

Mikaël Barbero 
Head of Security | Eclipse Foundation
🐦 @mikbarbero
Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

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