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[] Gitlab,, Foundation offices closed

Greetings all,

Gitlab has been set up on a new infra in Switzerland. We're still working out some kinks, but new projects can use Gitlab as their SCM/Issues/Wikis. We'll soon offer it up as a migration path for all Eclipse projects, where a project's Git repo and Bugzilla bugs would both be moved over to Gitlab. Please see:

If you want to migrate your Git repo only (for now), please voice up on, the original Eclipse build server, is very old and in dire need of attention. We are planning on retiring all services from it (except those related to project uploads). If you're using to store (and serve) your Nightly builds, you will want to use instead.  Please see:

Next week, starting Monday Aug 3 and through Friday Aug 7, the Eclipse Foundation offices will be closed to all staff. One webmaster will be monitoring the infra, release engineer availability will be sporadic, and with vacation season in full swing, it is wise to expect delays in obtaining responses to bugs and general queries.

On behalf of everyone at the Foundation, we hope you're enjoying this summer season, and we look forward to seeing you, be it in an online meeting or at the EclipseCon 2020 virtual event in October (


Denis Roy

Director, IT Services | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Eclipse Foundation: The Platform for Open Innovation and Collaboration

Twitter: @droy_eclipse

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