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[] Eclipse Individual Committer Agreement (ICA) Update

Greetings Eclipse Committers:

As you are aware the Eclipse Foundation has started hosting specifications as open source projects [1].  This is very exciting for our community, and we think it represents a new opportunity for creating innovative technologies through both specifications and software using a vendor neutral process.  

As many of you know, we have been communicating with the Community at Large over the last six months regarding updating our standard Contributor and Committer Agreements to state explicitly that contributions made to our projects may also be used in specifications. Thank you to those who have responded to our requests and we apologize for the extra noise; however, we want to ensure our entire community is aware of the next steps in this initiative.  

Next Steps:

Following several email communications, our timeline to invalidate older versions of the Eclipse Individual Committer Agreement prior to Version 4.0 (revised 2018-10-22) has arrived.

What does this mean to me as a Committer?

Eclipse committers not covered by the Individual Committer Agreement Version 4.0 [2] will have their committer privileges temporarily locked until such a time as the latest version is executed.   

Please note this does not impact your status as a Committer; it simply temporarily locks your commit privileges until the updated agreement is in place. This will ensure the integrity of all of our projects.

What do I need to do if my committer account is temporarily locked?

We are here to help!  Simply email emo-records@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and we will provide instructions on how to complete the Individual Committer Agreement Version 4.0.  Once your updated Individual Committer Agreement is fully executed, we will take the necessary steps to reinstate commit privileges. As a reminder, this latest agreement now encompasses the Eclipse Contributor Agreement as well.

Should you have any questions, we ask that you first consult our FAQ [3].  Otherwise, feel free to contact us via license@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you to the Eclipse Community for your support of this campaign and for helping make Eclipse a great community!


Best Regards,

Sharon Corbett

Manager, Intellectual Property

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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