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[] Bugzilla downtime, Mailing Lists, Jenkins CI, more

Greetings committers,

Just a few topics for your attention:

1. Bugzilla upgrade and down time.

On Sunday morning (November 26, Eastern time) we'll be upgrading Bugzilla to the latest version, 5.0.3. To do so, we will need to take Bugzilla offline for several hours as we're also upgrading the underlying VMs. has all the details about the release.

2. Mailing list UI

The webdev team have enabled a mailing list UI in your Eclipse account [must be logged in] to facilitate mailing list management and reduce SPAM. The current mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe pages will be redirected to the new facility this week.

3. Hudson -> Jenkins migration

Users of HIPP, the Hudson [CI] Instance Per Project, are being migrated to JIPP (Jenkins). If you're still using Hudson and wish to migrate to Jenkins, please file a bug against Eclipse Foundation > Community > Hudson or

4. Removal of the "Nova" theme on

The Solstice (current) theme on was created in 2014. The time has come to remove the old Nova theme, which will occur on December 5. Pages still using Nova will automatically render under Solstice but may present a few visual glitches.

More info on Christopher's blog:

Many thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use the incubation@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list or to contact us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx.

Denis Roy
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --

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