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[] Eclipse Infra Update


I haven't posted an Infra update in a long time. I suppose "now" is good.

IPZilla CQ's resolved automatically

In collaboration with the IP team, we've enabled the "Eclipse Genie" to scan Type_A CQs for License certification and RESOLVE/FIXED those CQs that pass. An example is provided here:

Wayne Beaton provides more information about the process, and discusses the differences between Type_A and Type_B intellectual property due diligence here:

Shameless plug for EclipseCon Europe

EclipseCon Europe 2017 is October 24-207 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. It's a great opportunity to meet and network with people in the community, learn about new tech and share your passion for your project(s) with others. For the schedule, registration and more information, please see:

Incubation Mailing list

As a reminder, please use the Incubation mailing list (incubation@xxxxxxxxxxx) to ask generic questions about running an Eclipse project. Whether it's about builds, IP, licenses, code, or community, there's always someone there willing to help. issues

We've been experiencing sporadic connectivity issues with the cluster. The issue is mostly seen by release engineers who witness failed builds due to these issues. The problem is being tracked in this bug:

Thanks for reading! Please don't hesitate to contact us at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx for Infra questions, or at emo@xxxxxxxxxxx for generic Eclipse Foundation questions.

Denis Roy
Director, IT Services
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --

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