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Re: [] Downloads and transparent mirroring system

The mirror system takes into account each file's timestamp on disk, and only selects mirrors that have synced up after that time (hours after).

Currently, all downloads for your "new" file are being served by download.e.o directly since we know for a fact there are no mirrors for it.


On 12/04/17 10:27 AM, Fred Bricon wrote:
Ok, so I've switched to copying the latest timestamped build to *-latest.tar.gz, instead of a symlink. 
Which seems to work for now. 
Now, do we have the guarantee that will always return the most current version? i.e. we won't be redirected to a mirror serving a stale version?

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 10:08 AM, Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That is a good point -- please don't rely on symlinks, as we cannot guarantee that all mirrors will support and/or honor them.

Support for symlinks could be an interesting enhancement, but one we cannot support right now.

I'll update our infra doc.



On 11/04/17 05:31 PM, Fred Bricon wrote:

earlier today, after your email, I was able to fetch
Not anymore, it now redirects to a mirror where it 404s. Other files in seem to work. *latest.tar.gz is a symlink to, you guessed it, the latest binary.
On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 1:58 PM, Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greetings, tl;dr: you can now link directly to for binaries, but not in p2 repos! For a long time now, we've encouraged you to leverage our network of mirror sites to offload the download traffic burden from The result was, for each file downloaded, an extra click for our users, as well as long, unfriendly URLs for your files: CURRENT WAY: As of last week, we've implemented a transparent way to leverage the same mirror network while allowing you to link to directly. NEW WAY: While we encourage you to keep using the current way of linking to files, you may now link directly to our download server. Please note: p2 repositories should continue to use the p2.mirrorsURL directive, as it is the most efficient way for our users to download software for their Eclipse installation. If you have any questions, please let me know. More information on the IT services offered by the Eclipse Foundation, please see: Denis
-- Denis Roy Eclipse Foundation, Inc. -- denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx @droy_eclipse

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