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[] Downloads Disk Space Low

Greetings folks,

We're running low on disk space for and We've never used a quota system and we've relied on you to keep things clean and under control, and now we need your help.

As a reminder, please only keep official Release builds in the Archives. Download.e.o should only contain recent builds and current releases,  and not a complete history of your I-builds.

Everyone is invited to clean up (please!) but the projects below stand out in a particular way.

BuildShip - 24G
Eclipse Scada - 78G
EMF - 39G
GMP - 25G
MDT - 41G
Gyrex - 30G
Orion - 186G      <<---- ??
PTP - 39G
Sirius - 32G
WebTools - 113G

If you need help cleaning up, please reach out to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx

Denis Roy
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --

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