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[] Disk space usage on download, archive servers


We've been quite lax with disk space quotas in the last few years. In
fact, we don't have any. But we have a number of storage devices that
are filling up fast -- and,
Hudson/HIPP workspaces and the build server's /shared folder.

I've compiled a short list of projects that are consuming disk space on Those highlighted strike me as particular disk
hogs, but I may be wrong with my assessment.

It's important for all projects, not just those listed, to regularly
maintain their disk space consumption to reasonable levels. It's
unfortunate that we don't provide a reasonably easy-to-use disk service
and reporting tools, but those are planned.

  7.1G   dltk
  8.2G   ecoretools
  8.3G   stardust
  9.6G   tracecompass
** 11G   tmf
** 13G   epsilon
 13G     oomph
** 15G   buildship
 18G     datatools
 20G     e4
** 20G   gmp
** 21G   gyrex
** 27G   rcptt
** 29G   mdt
** 35G   emf
** 35G   orion
 37G     birt
** 38G   ptp
 39G     cdt
** 46G   sirius
 49G     releases
 75G     rt
** 89G   eclipsescada
 99G     webtools
182G     epp

Thanks in advance.  If you need any assistance from webmaster, even for
a temporary shell access, please drop us a line at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx

*Denis Roy*
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --
Office: 613.224.9461 x224 (Eastern time)

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