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Re: [] Experience using GitHub verus Hosted Git

Isnt one of the key advantages of Github vs Eclipse that you can fork a repo in the first place and then produce a commit and a pull request. In Eclipse you can only keep private copies of the Git repo on your local machine/private repo but no public copies at Eclipse….


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Datum: Dienstag, 29. März 2016 um 21:09
An: Steve Northover <snorthov@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Betreff: Re: [] Experience using GitHub verus Hosted Git

I’m been working with several GitHub-hosted projects, and I’m not a fan.  My 2¢:

  • Reviewing sends out reams of email messages: Github sends an email immediately on each comment, and there’s no way to batch your changes.  The only workaround is to have your team members turn off notifications and post a final message where you name them individually to say ‘finished my code review’.
  • There’s no way to indicate summary disagreement that other reviewers can see like Gerrit’s -1 or -2.
    • It results in people ignoring review comments from others, only to discover that the author has decided to rework the approach based on the comments.
  • There’s a tradeoff in how you update a pull request (PR; a changeset in Gerrit terms).  You can use “—amend” and force up a new version, which at least marks the previous commits as stale, though the review comments still show.  Or you can put your changes in new commits, so that changes are easily discerned, but then newcomers to the PR walk through the historical record.
    • And beware that Travis doesn’t re-evaluate updates to a PR
  • When you merge a PR, it’s not clear what is actually committed to the log message.
  • Opaque identifiers in commit messages (e.g., “Closes #105”) seem to reference issues, but sometimes PRs?

What I do like:

  • Markdown almost everywhere; I really wish we had this in Bugzilla and Gerrit
  • Being able to search the repository is great.
  • Being able to see more code above and below in the PR is helpful.
  • Being able to drag in images/screenshots is great.


On 29-Mar-2016, at 3:01 PM, Steve Northover <snorthov@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

We are considering moving Orion development to GitHub:

Are there any gotcha's or things that we should look out for from folks that have already moved? I'm not looking for the process of moving, which is pretty well described. Rather, I'm interested in things like GitHub Issues versus Bugzilla.


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