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[] [aeri] Announcements for SR1

Greetings committers,

Eclipse Mars was released little longer than a month ago and we received a plenty of error reports (in total 400K) and several requests how to improve the error reporting client and server for SR1. The work on those improvements has begun last week and some of them might be interesting for you as committers as well.

Instead of listing them all in one large email, we’ll use the EPP Forum [1] to announce the lastest changes on the error reporting client and server and to discuss improvements, experimental features etc. If you want to keep posted about those changes, please subscribe to the EPP forum (just click on „subscribe“ on the top of the forum page - see the attached screenshot for an example).

If you have 5 minutes left, please take a few moments and help us on the decision whether should start collecting error reports for plugins (like PMD, Findbugs, or any other provider) by completing this short survey [3]. Thank you.

Best regards,


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