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[] Gerrit "Cherry Pick" issue, newer version of Gerrit soon

Greetings folks,

We've experienced an issue with a Gerrit repository that was configured with the "Cherry Pick" Submit type. This is not the default setting, and projects must specifically request this be changed by webmaster.

In short, many changes became entangled and required us to do some mangling with the Gerrit database. As there are open issues with Gerrit's Cherry Pick and other installations have had issues with the type (see above bug), I recommend that projects who use it switch to either:

- Merge if Necessary (default)
- Fast Forward Only (my personal favourite)
- Rebase if Necessary

You can read about the Submit Types here, and choose which is best for your project. Please don't hesitate to open a bug against Community/Gerrit to discuss the options with your project and your webmaster team.

Also, I'll be upgrading to the latest Gerrit 2.11 as soon as I get confirmation from the Mylyn team. 2.11 introduces many new features, such as being able to create new patch sets from within the Gerrit UI. Follow the excitement in this bug:

Thanks for reading.


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