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Re: [] Infra update: Gerrit, Github, Bugzilla, more.

[XXXXXX] doesn't work in many places and shouldn't be promoted:
Bug 421151: Prefix [123456] should link to bug 123456

The problem with too much flexibility is that it usually breaks in too many places and in the end causes more pain than good. I don't think anything other than "Bug XXXXXX" is really necessary.

Except maybe "Bug: XXXXXX" at the end of a Git comment, but that has its issues as well:
Bug 465045: Gerrit -> Bugzilla: support "Bug: xxxxxx" at the end of the commit message too


From:        Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        2015-06-04 13:35
Subject:        Re: [] Infra update: Gerrit, Github, Bugzilla, more.
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Replying to the list:

On 04/06/15 12:47 AM, Greg Wilkins wrote:

On 4 June 2015 at 04:38, Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You may have noticed that Gerrit and Github now actively "talk" to Bugzilla. If a commit message contains "Bug: XXXXXX" a reference to the Gerrit change/GitHub pull request will be created on Bugzilla.

But is there any chance of making that pattern a bit more flexible?


I believe the patterns also match [XXXXXX] as well.  If not, please file an enhancement request and we'll take a look.

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