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Re: [] Gerrit server restart planned today

The Gerrit server patching is complete, and Gerrit is back online with version 2.9.4.

You'll notice the new Change UI is now the default review UI. You can read about it here:


On 01/28/2015 11:52 AM, Denis Roy wrote:
Greetings folks,

I'll be restarting the Gerrit server later today, in roughly four hours
(4:00pm Eastern) to deploy new OS updates.

If you haven't heard of the recent glibc bug, you may want to patch all
your *nix-based servers and workstations, especially those
Internet-facing if you have any.  This includes Eclipse project vservers
to which you have the root password.

I will probably try to squeek in a Gerrit upgrade as well, since it
includes the jGit fix as well.

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