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[] Git client vulnerability on Windows, Mac


You may be aware of a vulnerability which affects Git clients on Windows and Mac:

The article mentions that jGit is affected as well, and that jGit has issued a maintenance release, but I'm not sure what happens in Eclipse-land since the jGit web page doesn't mention a single thing, and I cannot find anything in Bugzilla.

I was only able to find this 2-year-old bug related to the issue:

I believe jGit is bundled in all our Eclipse packages that contain eGit, so I will cc the Eclipse Security team. If the jGit team has more information, or if I'm ridiculously off-base on this, please feel free to add more info.

While I have your attention, I'd like to wish everyone a festive holiday season. Matt and I will be casually monitoring Bugzilla inboxes to make sure everything is working smoothly during the holiday shutdown.


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