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[] Eclipse Infra update


A few infra-related items that may interest you:

New Build storage

The Eclipse build farm now uses a new 3.2TB storage unit.  This server replaces the 8+ year old gear that was serving that purpose. The new unit is very fast, however current build speed is still being held back by NFS performance.  We're working on alternatives with the Hudson Instance per Project initiative (below).

New Database server
A new Database server has been provisioned.  With 256G of RAM, everything is performed in RAM, and disks are used for buffered writes only.  Bugzilla query execution time has improved up to 30%, and download statistics queries are up to 95% faster.

Asterisk issues, new numbers
We've had a few issues with our Asterisk voice conferencing system over the past month.  Andrew and I have been working feverishly to identify the issues and resolve them.  We've recently added a new number in Sweden; please check this page regularly for the most recent dial-in information:

Hudson Instance per Project
We've begun deploying prototypical HIPP for the Long Term Support and LocationTech communities, and so far it looks very promising.  Once we've identified the winning combination of hardware, infra and setup, we'll begin offering the service to the community.  Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.  If you're a relatively new committer, you can read more on the infra here: 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Eclipse servers and infrastructure, please don't hesitate to ping us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx (but do open bugs against Eclipse Foundation > Community for requests).  We're here to help.


Denis Roy
Director, IT Services
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --

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