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Re: [] Hudson Instance Per Project?

One of the things we are working on for Hudson 3.1.0 is called Team Concept. The basic idea is to introduce multi-tenancy in Hudson, so logged in users get to see the jobs belong to that team and pubic jobs only, though other teams are hosted in that Hudson instance. Though this won't reduce the burden on a single Hudson, gives ability to host multiple teams (Eclipse Project) in a single Hudson (rather than one project per Hudson as proposed in 403843)

Another important thing we are working on is to reduce Hudson memory foot print. This is also our focal point for Hudson 3.1.0.

One interesting long term plan in our  TODO list is Meta-Hudson, ability to manager multiple Hudson masters from a single umbrella. This we believe is extremely important for large consumers of  Hudson like Eclipse Foundation.

I'm guessing all three together will be an ideal solution for this proposal.

- Winston
Maybe we're just nuts, but I submit this proposal for your entertainment:

Hudson Instance Per Project (HIPP):

Please comment on the bug.


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